Youth Red Cross & Junior Red Cross

Junior/Youth Red Cross development plan with approach of peer educaton

This is a pilot project based on YPEP (Youth Peer education approach) where youth is being trained on different topics such as RC/RC movement, fundamental principles, humanitarian values, climate change, disaster risk reduction, road safety and Hygiene & sanitation.(Indian Red Cross Society, Uttar Pradesh & Odisha State branch)

Leaders of tomorrow project

The school program under IPCD (INTERGRATED PROGRAM FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT) programme is called "leaders of tomorrow". The project focused on Health, Disaster Preparedness, Humanitarian Values and Be safe, Outreach community programme. 79 Government schools are part of the project.( Indian Red Cross Society, Tamil Nadu State Branch)

Junior& Youth Red Cross -Youth peer education programme on HIV/AIDS

In India people in the age group of 15-29 years comprise almost 25 percent of the country's population; however, they account for 31 percent of AIDS burden. This clearly indicates that young people are at high risk of contracting HIV infection.

Peer education has proven to be the most effective method to impart knowledge and skills among adolescents and youths of such a sensitive issue.

HIV/AIDS Peer Education Programme has reached 400 institutions(2011) and through the efforts of 40,000 peer members bringing a difference everyday. ( Indian Red Cross Society, Maharashtra & Andhra Pradesh State Brach).

National /State Level Camps

The Indian Red Cross state branches organize Junior & Youth Red Cross interstate and inter- district camps to create a friendly environment for interaction and cultural exchange. The camp allows youth to share their Red Cross experiences and learn many activities.

The Indian Red Cross Society provides opportunities to the youth to visit international camps and participate in youth exchange programmes.

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