National Youth Fest 2018
#youth 4 change

#youth 4 change
Join the action! Amplify your voice!
Be a leader!

Choose a cause! Team up!

Make new friends!

Over 300 volunteers from 27 States will converge in Noida from February 12-14 to make all of the above and more happen during the first ever National Youth Fest organised by the Indian Red Cross, National Headquarters.

The Indian Red Cross has a strong base of almost one crore youth volunteers between the ages of 18-30 years. Volunteers are the backbone of the Red Cross Movement. They contribute to, and manage, several activities like blood donation, first aid, awareness building and relief & response in times of disasters. Youth volunteers often work for shorter periods, moving on to fulfill career and personal ambitions.

But what really captures the imagination of the youth volunteers? What are their aspirations for the Red Cross? What leadership qualities can they bring to the Red Cross?

The National Youth Fest offers a platform to the youth delegates to discover how they can be the change they want!

So if you have stories to tell. Or that restless energy seeking a focus. Or the urge to meet fellow volunteers from other Indian States. Then, the 3-day fest is just the place to be!

The kaleidoscopic agenda includes competitions, knowledge-sharing and skill-building games and simulation activities. There will be opportunities to interact with different representatives of the Red Cross Movement and watch cultural shows from all participating States.

Youth leadership is intrinsic to the Indian Red Cross Society Strategy 2030. The first step starts with the you!