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Serving Humanity with a heart- IRCS Volunteer
Indian Red Cross Society has implemented the Tuberculosis Project India in 4 states namely Uttar Pradesh, Karnataka, Punjab & Gujarat encouraging Cat II patients for adherence to treatment. IRCS had achieved 90% adherence along with complete treatment of CAT II patients in 2010 and 92.69% in 2011 under the inspiring leadership of Dr (Prof) S.P Agarwal. We also espouse anti-stigma, encourage awareness campaigns to advocate healthy living and allegiance to treatment.

Our volunteers bring a difference to a patient’s life every day, which makes them the backbone of our efforts to ensure a tuberculosis free nation.

Indian Red Cross Society volunteers in action- saving lives and spreading smiles

He was 40 and all alone, residing in a shoddy slum area in Amritsar city, and battling a disease. Ram Avtar(name changed) a migrant labourer and a Category II patient oscillating between hope and despair. After being on medications for three months Avtar began to develop a severe skin ailment.

As time passed the condition aggravated and the problem deepened.

He was unable to move confined within the four walls of his room suffering in pain with no one to take care of him.

It is never too late for the Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) volunteers to touch an ailing soul. Abandoned and alone Ram Avtar found in these absolute strangers a friend and family.

During one of their regular door to door outreach sessions, the IRCS tuberculosis program district coordinator along with a IRCS volunteers found Ram Avtar in his home cramped and isolated.

He was immediately taken to the district civil hospital for treatment. The IRCS Volunteers arranged for the required treatment for his quick recovery from the skin ailment The treatment expenses, was, borne by IRCS. Medicines required for the treatment of Tuberculosis was also regularly sent to his home. As a follow-up, the Red Cross volunteers regularly visited Avtar’s home for sensitization sessions and delivered the TB medications.

Today Ram Avtar lives a life free from tuberculosis; a compassionate gesture by a IRCS volunteer has given a new him a new hope to live. It is always not even the action but also the intention that matters, saving lives and spreading smiles remains the focus of an IRCS volunteer.
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