About Society

  • Indian Red Cross Society (IRCS) was established in 1920 under the Indian Red Cross Society Act and incorporated under Parliament Act XV of 1920. The act was last amended in 1992 and of rules were formed in 1994.
  • The IRCS has 35 State / Union Territories Branches with their more than 700 districts and sub district branches.
  • Honourable President of India is the President and Hon'ble Union Health Minister is the Chairman of the Society.
  • The Vice Chairman is elected by the members of the Managing Body.
  • The National Managing Body consists of 19 members.
  • The Chairman and 6 members are nominated by the President. The remaining 12 are elected by the state and union territory branches through an electoral college.
  • The Managing Body is responsible for governance and supervision of the functions of the society through a number of committees.
  • The Secretary General is the Chief Executive of the Society.

List of Secretary Generals :

S. No. Name Period
1. Shri. Balwant Singh Puri July 1941 to July 1958
2. Maj. Gen. C. K. Lakshmanan July 1958 to April 1969
3. Maj. GEN. S. S. Maitra July 1969 to Oct 1978
4. Lt. Gen. R. S. Hoon October 1978 to July 1981
5. Shri. Ajit Bowmick July 1981 to January 1991 & April 1991 to June 1991
6. Dr. A. K. Mukherjee November 1991 to March 1996
7. Dr. Manoj Mathur April 1996 to March 1999
8. Dr. S. P. Agarwal March 1999 to Feb 2000
9. Dr. (Mrs) Vimala Ramalingam March 2000 to March 2005
10. Dr. S. P. Agarwal March 2005 to November 2015