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Indian Red Cross Responds to the Flood Fury
New Delhii, August 11th, 2006

An emergency co-ordination meeting was convened today at the National Headquarters to review and plan further action in the flood affected States of Gujarat, Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Representatives from the IFRC, ICRC and Partner National Societies working in India attended the meeting. 

Opening the meeting, Dr. S.P. Agarwal, Secretary General, Indian Red Cross Society stated “we are in regular touch with the State Branch Secretaries of the flood affected States and are closely monitoring the situation. The State Branches have been mobilizing resources locally which have been supplemented by the National Headquarters. The volunteers from the local Red Cross are involved in humanitarian action at the grass root level”.

An update on the Indian Red Cross Action

In Gujarat, relief measures are in full swing. In Surat food packets have been distributed with the help of Central Reserve Police Force. On the request of the State Branch funds have been allocated for the purchase of chlorine tablets and bleaching powder. The State Branch is also distributing packed milk. The NHQ, IRCS has deputed three water-sanitation units each weighing about 2 metric tons with a total capacity of providing 9000 liters of potable water per hour. So far the State branch has distributed one lakh food packets.

In Andhra Pradesh, Bhadrachallam, Amalapuram, East and West Godavari District, Krishna and Guntur Districts are badly affected. The State Branch through is own resources has mobilized bottled water and packaged milk. One software company is providing bottled water in Bhadrachallam, Amalapuram Districts through Red Cross. Since yesterday, the situation has worsened after the release of water from Shriram Sagar Dam in Maharashtra and Almati Dam in Karnataka.  The State Branch has informed that this is the worst flooding since 1953. The respective District Collectors have requested Indian Red Cross for six boats in each District for rescue and relief operations. On request from State Branch Rs. 2 lakh has been released by the National Headquarters for purchase of 1000 Chlorine tablets, 4 tons of bleaching powder and other necessary items such as Cotton blankets, bed sheets, dhoti, saree, kitchen sets, plastic buckets and towels.

In Maharashtra, the seven districts which have been severely affected include Nanded, Chandarpore, Washim, Kolhapur, Sholapur, Aurangabad, Yavatmal and Thane. The water level is receding in the worst affected District of Nanded. People have started going back to their homes from the camps. The District Branch distributed food packets and water pouches among the worst affected 2000 people. A mobile medical unit treated over 2000 flood affected ailing people.

In Chandrapore District, 50 percent of the area was flooded and two lakh people are affected. Their Mobile Medical Unit treated 2000 people. The State Branch sanctioned Rs. 50,000 for purchase of medicine. In Washim District, 40 villages have been affected and are submerged in water. The District branch has distributed 500 family kits to the affected families. In Kolhapur District, 14,000 families have been evacuated with Red Cross support. The District branch has requested for release of 5000 each of cotton blankets and kitchen sets. In Bandarpur town, Sholapur District, 30,000 people have been affected. The District branch has distributed 1500 milk pouches and 1000-biscuit packets among 2000 people and has mobilized a mobile medical unit which has treated 200 patients. The State Branch has sanctioned Rs. 50,000 for purchase of medicines. The Thane District branch has requested for 100 family kits for worst affected families. In Aurangabad District, the problem started yesterday only. 40 percent of Pailhan village was submerged under water. Around 5000 people are affected and have been shifted to different camps. The branch has distributed 500 packets of puri-bhaji and 1,000 rotis. The State branch has sanctioned Rs. 20,000 for the purchase of food items. In Yavatmal District, 1000 people have become homeless. The branch has organized community kitchen and has distributed 500 plates of puri-bhajis. The branch is organizing medical camp on August 13th, 2006 in the flood affected areas.

In Orissa, two districts have been affected, at least seven people have died and more than 50,000 have been affected in Malkangiri District alone. The Indian Meteorological Department has predicted heavy rainfall for the next two days.

In Chattisgarh, 100 people are missing and 30,000 tribal population have been affected. National Headquarter has allocated 1500 pieces each of kitchen set, saree, cotton blanket, bucket, towel and bed-sheets.

In Jammu and Kashmir, incessant rains caused landslides and houses to collapse, killing two people and bringing the total death toll to eight. In Leh region, 25 villages were cut off by floodwaters. The NHQ, IRCS is in touch with the State branch for any possible response.

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