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A volunteer who dares

Thunder……………lightning in the sky, it didn't rain but poured, swollen river was in spate and the current becoming stronger every minute. A little girl, named Guddi, was standing near the slippery bank of the Buri Gandak River with other flood affected victims and was anxiously waiting for the food supply, which the Red Cross motor boat was carrying. She slipped and fell into the river. Her eyes closed in the fear of certain death. At this juncture arrived Anil Sharma, a motor boat driver as her Messiah. He bravely jumped into the river and saved her. His, act of courage made him the talk of
the town of Madehpur Hazari village, of Sahebganj Block of Muzaffarpur District of Bihar.

Slim, short statured, wooden face and fearless eyes is how he looks like. Daring, risk-taker and a true disciple of humanity are the few characteristics which epitomize him. He is 25 years old and a Red Cross volunteer. Anil, an active member of search and rescue team of Muzaffarpur District Red Cross Branch has so far saved the lives of almost 250 people by ferrying them to safer zones from the flood affected areas.

Since his childhood he had been seeing Red Cross volunteers visiting his village and distributing relief items at the time of flood and this has made an impact on his life. He always dreamt to be a part of Red Cross and wished to serve the vulnerable community. He feels embarrassed when congratulated but when coaxed says meekly "I have seen that Red Cross brings hope in the eyes of the people who are affected during the floods. Whenever I am able to wipe someone's tears, I feel good. I like it and that's why I am continuing to work with Red Cross".

Volunteerism is evident in the spirit and action and is a part of our cultural ethos. Aptly Kofi Annan, ex- Secretary General, United Nations once said in an assembly that "Far away from the spotlight, there are millions of generous individuals who, round the clock and around the world, roll up their sleeves and volunteer. These dedicated and courageous individuals are important partners in the quest for a better, fairer and safer world.

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