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Red Cross Response to Terrorist Attacks on Mumbai
December 4th, 2008  

The branch officials waited till morning as there was tension, confusion, chaos and public transport system had come to a halt. However, two ambulances were deployed, with volunteers, at Taj Hotels for moving casualties. At around 8:00 a.m., Mrs. Homai N. Modi, Honorary Secretary of the Maharashtra State Branch and Bombay City Branch met with the officials of St. John Ambulance Brigade, Mr. Feroze Sethna and Mr. Nozar Karana. Together they went to survey The Taj Mahal Palace & Towers and other places affected by attacks. Around 15 persons were taken to the Azad Maidan Police Station by the Red Cross. Dead bodies were also taken to J J Hospital by the Parsi and Saifee Ambulances. Red Cross gave over 100 gloves to various agencies deployed in handling the dead and injured. As several personnel involved in relief had no food and water, Mrs. Modi and Commissioner Sethna returned with food and water for them. The Parsi and Saifee Divisions of the St. John Ambulance Brigade were stationed outside the places under attack to carry casualties, as blasts and firing continued.

Maharashtra State Branch provided 89 units of blood and 2 units of FFP to St. George, Bombay and G.T. hospitals, facilitated the relatives of patients to communicate with their kith & kin, distributed water and food to the relatives and attendants of patients, offered assistance to hospitals in whatever way they wanted, provided 200 polythene wraps for dead bodies (which was not available locally) and started a help line to trace missing persons and in identification of dead bodies.

The Indian Red Cross Society, National Headquarters is in touch with the state authorities through daily tele and video conferencing.

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