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Indian Red Cross restores hope of the separated family members

"My troubles began last year in August 2006 when I came to Bangladesh. I failed to produce the passport when asked by the Police, as I had lost it. I was sent to the Dhaka Central Jail. My life changed over night. Now it was in the midst of high walls, watchtowers and searchlights. I am caged in the cell and have to sleep on the concrete floor. I have one wish, the only desire, the sole pray that when will I go out, be freed and get united with my old parents who are staying at a distance of thousand kilometers in the village of Suk Chandrapur, Ghatal in Paschim Medinapur District of West Bengal. For them I am the only hope, they need me, must be worried about my whereabouts, nobody to take care of them, these were thoughts which were killing me inside" narrates Nathu Pradhan*, an Indian National and a detainee.

He got some solace when the tracing team of Bangladesh Red Crescent Society visited the Dhaka Central Jail and gave him the assurance that they would do their best in informing his family about his well being so that they could work on his repatriation. They filled Red Cross Message (RCM), an open letter for him. Thus the journey of the message began as the concerned society sent it to Indian Red Cross.

The tracing department of the Indian Red Cross got into action and left no stone unturned for contacting the detainee's family. They sent the same message to the West Bengal State Branch and requested them to do the needful. The State branch contacted the District branch of Paschim Medinapur, who sent their officer to the village where the detainee's family stays.

Nathu Pradhan's parents' happiness had no end. The message gave them another life as their son was hale and hearty. They could feel the re-birth of their son. Another message describing their well-being was duly filled and sent through the same channel to Nathu. Tears rolled down his eyes when he got it in his hand, which says that his parents would do their best in getting him back.

Nathu sees some ray of light in the darkness. So far five RCMs have been exchanged between him and his family.

The Indian Red Cross is now working on his repatriation to India.

* Name has been changed to protect the person's identity.

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