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IRCS Responds To Bihar Floods
September 01st, 2008  

Prof. (Dr) S.P. Agarwal, Secretary General, IRCS has informed that the emergency operations centre at National Headquarters, New Delhii and at Bihar State branch Patna have been functioning round the clock to monitor the flood situation and coordinate rescue and relief efforts. The National Headquarters has sanctioned the third consignment of relief items comprising of tarpaulin sheets (1,000), family packs (10,000) and tents (300), which would soon be reaching the flood affected areas.

Twenty aluminium alloy rescue boats, 15 rubber and 20 zodiac boats with the capacity of carrying 60 and 12 people respectively, have been mobilized to reinforce the existing boats deployed in the rescue and relief work.

In addition to this three watsan units are also being deployed. Each unit has the capacity to give 5000 litres of purified water every day. The units are capable of making even floodwaters potable.

IRCS rapid response mechanisms like National, State & District disaster response teams, mobile disaster unit (MDU), disaster health response unit (DHRU) and field rub-halls are in position.

A meeting was convened today at the National Headquarters to review the IRCS flood operations in Bihar in which representatives from the International Federation, International Committee of the Red Cross and Partner National Societies working in India attended the meeting.

The Secretary General informed that a list containing details of 65 IRCS trained professionals, which includes several Government servants, in disaster preparedness and rehabilitation course has been updated and their services are available for Bihar flood operation.

The NHQ had earlier released family packs (5000), tarpaulin sheets (1000) and tents (250) valued at Rs. 71.10 lakhs to Bihar. Apart from this, the volunteers have distributed another 5000 family packs, which were pre-positioned.

The State Government has directed all Districts that in kind donations for flood victims should be made to the Red Cross branches.
In Purnea, Kathiar, Bhagalpur and Saharsa Districts Red Cross teams are working in close coordination with the defence and state Government Officials. In Katihar Red Cross volunteers are taking care of the sanitation needs by cleaning the dharmshalas and school buildings, which are housing over 2000 persons.

N. K. Singh

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