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Canadian Red Cross to broaden partnership with IRCS
15.02.2008: New Delhii

Mr. Bekele Geleta, General Manager, International Operations of the Canadian Red Cross on a official visit to the Indian Red Cross Society has expressed his desire in broadening the scope of partnership with the Indian Red Cross Society by providing increased support in the field of Disaster Management, HIV/AIDS prevention and better response in times of public health in emergencies.

Mr. Bekele called on the Secretary General of the Indian Red Cross Society, Dr. S.P. Agarwal on 15th of February, 2008 and mentioned that both the National Societies have to undertake a joint assessment to identify the areas where health and disaster management related programmes may be undertaken. He informed that based on the assessment, a budget shall be prepared which would require the approval of CRC Headquarters in Ottawa. He also mentioned that details of the flow of funds, monitoring of programmes and reporting, both financial and narrative, shall be a part of the fresh MoU between the two National Societies. He expressed his appreciation of the progress made in the programmes currently under implementation in the country.

The Secretary General of the IRCS extended a warm welcome to Mr. Bekele, who had earlier served as a Secretary General of the Ethiopian Red Cross and held positions of eminence in the Headquarters of the International Federation. Dr. Agarwal gave him a brief of the Indian Red Cross Society that included the legal mandate, activities and details of programmes for which the Society is being supported by the International Federation and the Partner National Societies. He mentioned that under Disaster Management, the NHQ is planning to start a fully equipped Emergency Operation Centre (EOC). Similar centres shall later be started in disaster prone states. He stated that a GIS laboratory is also being set up at the Disaster Management Centre of the National Headquarters.

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