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The Journey to Return
June 6th, 2012  

Red Cross Message being read out by Ms Shazia, FNS Focal Person, J & K

She maintained an unruffled composure when talking about the details of her missing son. It seemed that the wait for Ameena (name changed) must have been too long, enough for making a clueless mother stay so patient and calm in the search of her missing son. waiting mother. An eerie silence combined with fear reverberated in the room.

Mohd Anwar( name changed), had not contacted his family for the last 15 months. He hailed from Arwani, Bhijbehara, district Anantnag, Jammu and Kashmir

Time freezes for a waiting mother. Ameena,it seemed, wanted to say a lot but looked denuded of energy. The times her voice quivered a bit while talking was when occasionally her eyes fell upon the family photograph which showed all of the eight family members huddled together in a shikara to be clicked.

Ms Shazia Kawoos, FNS Focal Person, Jammu and Kashmir visited the family to convey the Red Cross Message received by J& K state branch through the National Headquarters from Mohd Shafi in Dhaka jail on 13th January 2012.

It's a routine job for Shazia to deliver news to someone who is waiting, " I am welcomed like the Village Postman". " But my job is much more challenging as most of the times psychosocial counseling is to be adhered to manage the situation."

Mohd. Anwar wrote in his Red Cross message " Fikr mat karo, Mein thik hun, mein toh ghar wapas hi aaraha tha, par mein Bangladesh mein hin giraftar hogaya. Par Inshallah mein azad ho jaunga aur jald se jald wapas ghar aaunga. ( Don't worry. I am fine. I was coming back home but I got arrested in Bangladesh, but with god's grace I shall get released soon and return back home.)

The aggrieved mother who had so stoically bore the grief of her missing son succumbed to sobs at the mention of her sons restlessness to return " I shall return home soon".

The family wrote back a Red Cross message to him which poignantly said "We shall wait for your return, come back home. We miss you and remember you." His mother seated near the window got up, tied the curtain ropes and looked out of the window that overlooked a solitary path. "He usually returned home from work at this time. He shall return once again. I shall not permit him to go again. "A Red Cross message suddenly gave trust and strength to a mother to dream, rejoice and celebrate the news.

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