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Scaling up its Water Sanitation measures: IRCS providing water in flood affected Odisha
12.11.2013 - New Delhi, India

As rains continue to victimize the people of Odisha, the Indian Red Cross Society has scaled up its relief measures. A total of 6 water sanitation units have been mobilized to supply clean water to the affected residents, of which 4 units have the capacity of providing 2000 litres of potable water per hour and 2 units have the capacity of providing 80 litres of water per hour.

The Indian Red Cross Society with its state of the art Water Sanitation units has been focusing on providing potable water as a relief measure during all ensuing disasters.

Providing water to suffering populace: IRCS

The Indian Red Cross Society has been able to provide more than 3,00,000 litres of water as on the 5th of November to thousands of households. A NOMAD unit has been installed in the severely affected Kanas district of Puri. Another SETA unit in Kanas and a NORIT in Ganjam is looking after the water needs of the people. Each of these WatSan unit has the capacity of providing 2000-3000 litres of potable water per hour.

IRCS has 23 state of the art Water & Sanitation units

The Indian Red Cross Society has 23 Water Purification/ WATSAN units & equipment which it has mobilized during disasters of the Leh Cloudburst in 2010, Sikkim Earthquake in 2011, Odisha Floods in 2011, Assam Floods in 2012 and Uttarakhand flash floods in June this year.

Under its WASH interventions, it has undertaken activities like Water purification and distribution, Hygiene promotion, Construction of Latrines and Environmental Sanitation activities like application of Bleaching Powder etc.

With destruction that runs into crores, many are still without a roof on their head. The Indian Red Cross has been able to supply 5500 family packs, 18000 tarpaulin sheets and other necessary items to the victims.

Some of the IRCS WatSan units are still stationed in disaster struck areas

But needs are growing as effects of flooding are coming to the fore. More help and donation would go a long way in recovering the losses of these underprivileged people.

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