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IRCS acknowledges the blood donor family from Mohali, Punjab for their unparalled contribution

“The best and simplest approach of unselfishly wanting to help others and showing humanity is through donating blood”, the belief being followed consistently by a married couple from Mohali, Ropar District.

Mr. Balwant Singh and his wife Mrs. Jaswant Kaur at the Punjab Red Cross, Headquarters

Mr. Balwant Singh, 53 years old, with A+ blood group is working with Punjab State Warehousing Corporation as Godown Assistant and his wife Jaswant Kaur, 52 years old, with O+ blood group is employed with Punjab Animal Husbandry Department as Senior Stenographer. They have made an astounding contribution to the society by donating blood and that too 51 times as on January 1st, 2007 and there is yet no end to their this selfless service. The couple truly signifies ‘altruism' living on the principles of humanity, common responsibility and solidarity.

Their mission of donating blood is commendable as they donate blood four times in a year and these days are New Year's Day (January 1st), World Health Day (April 7th), on their wedding anniversary day (July 5th) and on Blood Donation Day (October 1st). So far the husband has donated 23 litres of blood and wife 18 litres of blood. And, for this unique endeavour they have gained not only accolades and applaud but their success story got attention by the National as well as by the International media. On January 7th, 2004 they won Red and White Bravery Award, on May 2nd , 2005 they were awarded by H.E. President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, on May 9th, 2005 they were awarded by the Punjab State Red Cross branch and their name was entered in the Limca Book of Records of 2005.

The couple has also founded ‘Baba Sheikh Farid Blood Donor Council' in 1994 in their native place. 20 members are at the Executive level and 3500 Donors are attached to it. They have inspired thousands of people and to make the saying true that charity begins from home. They have also inspired their children to join them in the noble cause. The son has also donated blood 23 times and the daughter 15 times.

They believe in doing humanitarian acts together therefore on their 23rd anniversary they have pledged their bodies to the Anatomy Department of PGI, Chandigarh for research and teaching purposes. Mr. & Mrs. Singh's message to all is to come forward and donate blood as they collectively say that “By assuming simply that it weakens one is a myth, it does but it's very temporary. All one need is to eat well, donate well and feel well”.

The Indian Red Cross Society acknowledges this Donor Family for their unmatched efforts and have a full praise for them as such donors are really needed. Only then the gap between the need for blood in India which is 7.5 million units and the availability which is 5 million can be narrowed.

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