Secretary General’s Message - World Red Cross Day: 08 May 2019

IRCS SG- Mr. R.K Jain
Mr. R. K Jain
Secretary General, IRCS

It is a pleasure to share my thoughts on the occasion of World Red Cross Day 2019. This is the first time I am conversing with you on this important occasion after taking over the assignment some months ago.

I have had the opportunity to meet a number of Red Cross members, volunteers and staff during the last few months. I have also visited some of the State and District branches where, while reviewing their activities, I also interacted with some passionately enthusiastic Red Crossers. It would be difficult to find peers to match their love for humanity. Their inherent benevolence made them associate with the Indian Red Cross. We may have different reasons to be with this world’s most credible organization. Let’s share the divergent reasons of our attachment with the Red Cross and contribute to justify the theme for the World Red Cross Day this year, which is


Friends, Red Cross has been in existence since 1863. However, in India we are going to celebrate our Centenary Year in 2020. Several new initiatives are planned to make the year a memorable and historical one. The plans shall start unfolding with the Red Cross Day this year when a Red Cross gallery shall be put in place at the National Headquarters.

Our Strategy 2030 will guide us to achieve the objectives of immediate and predictable response in times of crisis for which increased capacity and enhanced credibility are important. It has now been decided that the performance of the branches shall be assessed in an objective manner. Those performing better and are sincerely trying to come up on the agreed parameters shall not only be recognized, but would be incentivized  as well.

I wish all of you happiness, success and lots of good luck on the World Red Cross Day.

R K Jain, IAS (Retd)