Central Volunteer Registry

Indian Red Cross Society, a member of the Red Cross Red Crescent movement, strives to serve the most vulnerable. Constituted by an Act of Parliament the Society delivers its humanitarian services to the needy through its volunteers.

The Indian Red Cross branches have been enrolling volunteers at all levels. However, a consolidated data base of the volunteers was not available. Growth of informational technology and means of communication tools provide us with the opportunity to have the contact details of all of them so that they are available and could be reached in times of need.

National Disaster Response team (NDRT), National Water & Sanitation Response Team (NDWRT), Social & Emergency Response Volunteers (SERV, earlier known as FMR), to name a few categories, consist of trained volunteers who are equipped to provide services in times of crisis. The society also has community volunteers which provide services such as first-aid, TB control and many other services.

Now the Society envisages enrolling the Junior & Youth Red Cross and all others willing to volunteer online. For this Central Volunteer Registry portal has been developed. Now schools and colleges shall be able to share their list for bulk posting and all others would be able to express their past expertise and areas in which they would like to volunteer. Disaster management, provision for water-sanitation, restoring family links, promotion of humanitarian principles etc are the areas where people can participate as a volunteer.