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World Red Cross Day

Rally by school children with placards describing the theme"Stop Discrimination" and "Protecting Human Dignity"on the roads of New Delhii attracted the attention of passers by and onlookers on 8th of May. A seminar was also held on the theme in which seasoned volunteers and experienced members of Red Cross deliberated upon the theme to elucidate the uniqueness of the Red Cross. The participants and the facilitators highlighted that the Red Cross rescue and relief is not charity. Red Cross's endeavour is to protect and maintain the dignity of the victims. And this differentiates Red Cross from all other relief agencies.

In the states of J&K, Karnataka, Rajasthan Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Kerala, Haryana, similar rallies and seminars were organised and the theme was disseminated. Governors and Chief Ministers of the States took part in the programmes and news stories about the activities were carried by leading newspapers and television channels throughout the country. Message on the theme and radio talks were also relayed by many stations of All India Radio and F.M.Channels.

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