Who can join?

"All school/college students, especially those who are interested in making their school and community a safer place to live" and who are keen to make a difference in the lives of people who are vulnerable and underprivileged.

made a new friend. A sweet little girl on my way to college train I saw a little child abandoned crying for help. The little finger of her right hand was bleeding due to an injury. She refused my intervention to help.

After engaging in an amiable conversation, I was able to win her over. A small gift of chocolate to her she let me tie the wound with my handkerchief. I took her to Railway Health Centre for treatment. Days passed, one day I suddenly came across the little girl once again, what astonished me, is that she recognized me and came running towards me for a hug. Her mother thanked me too and blessed me. Indeed, the little girl made my day.